Who We Are

Tracing our original roots back to our founder, Mr. Amos Kimbrough, our company name has been in the agricultural & industrial parts market since the early 1900’s. Mr. Kimbrough traveled the eastern half of the United States, by railway, selling horseshoe nails. He later partnered his efforts with the Keen family to form the sales group Kimbrough-Keen. 

Partnering with the market leading agricultural & industrial manufacturers, we are a sales agency providing service to both the OEM and Aftermarket business channels.

Our clientele range from farmers cooperatives, farm & ranch retailers, manufacturers and large wholesale distributors.

In 2020, we made the decision to rebrand our rep group to Cultivate Sales Group. 

This decision came from a a refocus on being growth-oriented and continuing to expand outside of the agriculture markets, while still being rooted in our core competency.

As a rep group, our biggest assets are the invaluable connections we get to create. 


Our Mission

To cultivate connections between represented principals and served customers across the retail, wholesale, and OEM market channels, driving growth through dependable service delivery.

Our Values

Be Connected. 

Be Ahead. 

Be Trusted. 

Be Fun. 

In Memory of Our Partner, Mike Purkey

Cultivate Sales Group Partner

Our partner, colleague, and most importantly, dear friend, Mike Purkey passed away on 6.29.21, at the age of 71.

Mike’s glowing personality, uncanny ability to remember details about your life, and his contagious laugh were just a few of the features we all loved. Not to mention hearing a story or two while sitting together at a great meal. 

Mike Purkey was the cornerstone of Cultivate Sales Group. Our rep group would not be where we are today without Mike’s leadership, spirit, and guidance. 

He was known to say “all you have in business is your reputation”. And he lived that saying. 

Mike genuinely cared for others, not just when it was advantageous in business. 

When we look at our company values, Mike  was the model for all of them. 

Though Mike has passed away, the values and lives he touched still live on today, and are a guiding force for Cultivate.